Custom Fibre Optics

Close House Hot Tub

Close House not only have an amazing golf course but they also have places to stay, such as a private lodge in a nice little secluded area by the course. Recently the owners decided to convert  an old detatched garage into a hot tub room for the guests. 

starry ceiling

We were approached to quote for a fibre optic starry ceiling to compliment to room and were delighted to take on the project.

For this dsiplay we agreed to have a 3x3m space covered in stars and the middle 1m2 to have 150 stars and the surrounding 8m2 to have 55 stars per metre squared, which results in a higher density in the centre fading out to a lower density to the edges of the display.

starry ceiling hot tub

After a day crawling around a loft dressing hundreds of thousands of metres of fibre optics around the loft space we were pleased to finally get around to snipping the fibres back to reveal the display.

Both ourselves and our clients are very pleased with the results. 

Fibre optic lighting is a fantastic option for mood lighting in a room which is wet or humid. Since there is no heat or electricty in the ‘stars’ there is no danger of electric shock or  any risk from water getting into and damaging the lights.

If you would like to see what we could do for you, please get in touch. We are happy to explain everything and go through the different options and supply you with quotes. 

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