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Terms and Conditions


All orders accepted and delivered by Custom Fibre Optics are subject to our Conditions of Sale which, for clarity, will override any conditions of purchase that you may have. General Any alterations to the
Conditions of Sale must be confirmed in writing by the firm. By accessing and/or using this website, confirming an order in wirting by email text or over the phone, paying for an invoice or service via bank transfer or paypal, you agree to be legally bound by these Conditions. Please read through and fully understand our terms and conditions and feel free to voice any issues
that may arise or anything unclear you wish us to explain further. It is also important for you to let us
know any of your own terms and conditions or expectations of your own that may conflict with what
is listed here or that you may want to be included into contract before work begins. Accepting a quotation, either verbally or in writing or agreeing works to commence and/or paying a
deposit will enter the client into a contract with Custom Fibre Optics which will bring these terms and
conditions into effect. A ‘contract’ with Custom Fibre Optics is an agreement from the client to have
work undertaken based on a written quotation submitted directly to the client and is a straight
forward undertaking between the firm and the client.

The firm has the right to change any of our pricing and costs. Prices given in quotations are valid for
30 days. Due to the bespoke  nature of our work our costs for the same kind of product can change depending on our cost for materials at any given time.


Payments must be made by bank transfer, or for items less than £1000 clients may use Paypal. A
receipt of payment in the form of an invoice will then be presented. Any cost under £5000 is required
to be paid in full before works commence, Any cost over £5000 will require a 50% deposit with 50% balance on completion day of installation
works or 1 day before dispatch of product.
In some cases a second stage intermediate payment of 25% will be needed and the remaining 25%
balance on completion. Custom Fibre Optics quotations are produced with as much information as we see necessary for each
order, if something is missing that you would like including please let us know before payment and we
will amend the quotation accordingly and revise the costs if any additional works have been missed. Late payments will be charged a monthly interest at 5% above the bank of England base rate. Lead times
For made to order products there is an average lead time of 6-10 weeks. The lead-time is the number
of weeks we expect your order take to make based on our existing production schedule. if we suggest a lead time to you, this is how long it will take to have the product completed once payment has cleared, then we will arrage delivery. After your
order is completed it will be delivered to you usually within 7 to 14 working days depending on your
location or availability. Please note, lead times are all estimates and can not be guaranteed. We will
not be held responsible for any losses to the client in the event we did not meet a certain estimated
deadline, although we would always endeavour to do so.


The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (CCRs)
give consumers a 14 day right to cancel contracts that are not made on a trader’s premises. The
cancellation, or cooling off period, starts when the contract is entered into and generally lasts until
the end of a 14 day period starting the day after service contracts have been
entered into eg invoices paid or agreements made in writing.

Section 28(1)(b) of the CCRs excludes ‘the supply of goods that are made to the
consumer’s specification or are clearly personalised’ from the right to cancel. Due to the bespoke nature and personalised manufacturing of products of the firms products and installations would be exempt from the 14 day cool off period. If the client did wish to cancel within
this time this must first be made in writing to the firm and thereby agreed. The firm reserves the right
to hold any money lost but may return any money remaining after costs are covered. Cancelled
orders after 14 days will not be eligible for any refund.The firm is entitled to cancel an order of works
at any point in the event of any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.
In this instance any deposits or payments paid will be returned to the client where they would be
entitled to cancel the contract, otherwise we will endeavour to get back in progress as soon as
practicable in this unlikely event.

Terms and passage of title.

Any product/material and/or service supplied and/or installed by the firm or sub-contractors will
remain property of Custom Fibre Optics until payments are made and cleared into accounts. The firm
has the right to take back any property if money is not paid. In these circumstances we may re-sell the
removed product to acquire money lost. If this does not meet the balance owed the customer will be
billed for the remainder of the balance and any labour costs for removing the products. Once a final balance has been paid the ownership and risk of the products are passed over from the firm to the client. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstantial change or if difficulties arise during an installation by the
firm we may need to revise the quotation to reflect the situation at hand. An example of this is
submitting a quotation for works and then later finding further costs are needed to complete the
works such as the costs to remove or handle hazardous materials present. Where the firm is not installing a product, It is up to the client and their chosen installer to determine the suitability and safety of a products location of installation. Care must be taken to ensure that all fixings are safe, strong and secure. Responsibility and ownership is passed onto the client as soon as payments are cleared. By making a payment to the firm you accept responsibility of understanding that a professional installer should be used who is fimiliar with building/construction and will install any products along side guidance from current  building/fire/electrical regulations.
Where available you should have taken the time to read product information and fully understand the installation method and warning notes  suggested and recommended. 

Products specification
It is the clients responsibility to acknowledge that all details supplied by the firm including items, diagrams, dimensions, colours and finishes have been checked and are correct. The firm designs and manufactures products which meet all current UK and European regulations, legislation and codes of practice, however, the firm cannot be held responsible for a larger scale
project in where the client has designed and asked the firm for specific products to use within it. For
example, if a client orders several starry ceiling panels to go on a suspended ceiling but hasn’t
calculated the weight and strength/structure of the ceiling. Or if the client requests a specific
measurement to find out it does not fit within their design. We will not accept any returns or
cancellations due to the customer not properly reading product information. When a bespoke product is ordered, we will endeavour to do our utmost to represent the design and expectation agreed as closely as possible however the client hereby acknowledges that because of the nature, complexity and difficulty or the manufacturing process of our products and planning
designs to allow a small margin of error or miss judgement and that the product or works may not
look 100% identical to the original design, agreement or expectations. While every effort has been made to portray items accurately, slight variations may occur.All
measurements quoted are approximate and the reproduction of colours is as accurate as
photographic and publishing processes will allow.Please note there may be variations in colours
dependent on the calibration and settings of individual screens. When working together with the firm on a tailor made product the customer must make clear of all
the detail on the product that is important to them before manufacturing begins, such as,how
different panels are edged, folded and/or fixed. If there are specific requirements then this must all
be discussed and confirmed with the firm prior to ordering. The firm will not be held responsible for any maintenance to a product which we have supplied or


All of our clients will benefit from a full guarantee on our products and workmanship for 12 months. Guarantees on products or materials supplied but not manufactured by the firm, run in accordance
with their manufacturers warranty periods where applicable. – Bespoke products manufactured by the firm will receive a 12 month warranty (unless otherwise
stated) and this covers the fitting/installation of a product which will remain safe and secure for the
duration of its time installed (only when installed by the firm and not when other third parties have
been used to fit our products) and any electrical components from failure or malfunction which we
will replace once sent to us for checking. – In the event of a failure, the faulty item must be returned to the firm. The firm is not responsible for
the removal of any faulty product but will be happy to assist in diagnosing and resolving the issue. – if any electrical products fail within the warranty period the client must return the item/s to us for
testing, if the product has genuinely failed we will send a replacement free of charge
-If any electrical component/s are found to have any kind of water/accidental/ malicious damage the
client will be charged for a new replacement and billed accordingly for testing and inspecting the
product. – Guarantees do not cover any postage costs. – In the unlikely event you have a problem with our products or services or your product fails/stops
working within our warranty time scales , we will endeavour to do our best to remedy the situation as
quickly as possible.


All bespoke orders are individually designed and manufactured and any goods no longer wanted or
needed because of change of mind or circumstances can not be credited against the contract price
We will not accept any goods for return unless we have previously authorised this return. This is not
intended to be obstructive but is intended to ensure that when returned goods are received at our
premises we are fully aware of the reason for the return and can action matters accordingly.

Delivery and Carriage

Please make sure you are available for deliveries or please arrange a convenient time before ordering
or purchasing any works. The firm will not be held responsible for loss or damage of packages sent via
courier services. When our products/clients order is dispatched the ownership passes from the firm
to the client and it is now their own responsibility to make sure they can accept the delivery.
If you are intending to sign a contract with specific penalty clauses then this is of particular
importance. Delivery Dates We will quote delivery dates based on the best information that we have
at the time. We will also try to adhere to those dates but we cannot accept any responsibility for any
damages or costs incurred where these dates are not met. You must ensure that access is suitable for
the delivery of the goods into your desired location. Cancellations of this sales agreement cannot be
accepted on the basis that access to your desired location is not possible (eg. Doorway too small, unable to manoeuvre furniture due to space restrictions, narrow loft access, unable to park van due
to road inaccessibility. This list is not exhaustive.)
Our standard delivery only covers delivery through a ground floor or basement entrance that has
clear access to a front or back door entrance point; and go up to a first floor level (without any access
restrictions within the staircase) if no elevator access is available. Any special delivery instructions
must be noted at the point of purchase and any extra charges that may be incurred to ensure delivery
into your property are to be paid by you, the customer. Our products can be large and very heavy, and due to health and safety grounds we may require to have an order delivered by more than our
standard 2-man team. If we attempt to make delivery on the date and time slot that you have
accepted and no one is present to accept delivery of the goods, you will incur a repeat delivery charge. This charge will be applied even if no original delivery cost was charged. This repeat delivery charge
will also apply if you cancel an agreed delivery date and time slot less than 48 hours prior to the
agreed date. Where the firm has arranged for delivery in the UK we will also arrange and pay for transit insurance.
It is important that we are notified within 24 hours of any shortage or discrepancies, as our insurance
company will not entertain any claims after that time. For export orders where carriage is generally
arranged by the customer then the firm is not responsible for the insurance of the goods.

On site working

The client must ensure access for the firm and its sub contractors at all reasonable times to
complete the works
Delays to work – if work is delayed or interrupted due to anyone at fault other than the firm, the
firm will be entitled to be paid for any direct losses incurred. The firm will make every reasonable effort to complete the works within the time frame agreed
however this date may be extended in the event of the client failing to provide access, information, payments or the request of additional work. The client must ensure adequate working space is made and that personal possessions, furniture
etc are removed leaving no obstructions. The firm reserves the right to charge for any time wasted if the site is not ready and prepared on
the day of install
The firm will not be held responsible for the loss theft or damage of property and/or belongings left
in the area of installation work. The firm will make every effort to minimal damage to a building although minimal damage in order
to complete the works planned is unavoidable. The firm will not be held responsible for other trade
work including but not solely, painting, plastering or decorating. The client will supply free use of a reasonable amount of water and electricity
The firm will take every possible measure to ensure the least amount of damage and noise is
caused to the property and the environment but we will not be held liable for re-decoration
The quotation submitted does not include unforeseeable circumstances which obstruct the works
planned, such as, but not solely, removal of asbestos and/or rotten timber. A new quotation will be
agreed between the firm and the client before progressing.


The firm has relevant public liability and products liability insurance to the value of £2,000000 by The
Salvation Army insurance ltd. Data protection
All client information is retained in accordance with the data protection act updated on May 2018 and
all personal information from the client is kept confidential. Compliance
All works and products manufactured will be produced and carried out in accordance with current
local authority codes of practice and in compliance with current health and safety legislation.


All text, images, information and content is owned by Steel Vintage Limited and may not be copied or
reproduced without the express written consent from Steel Vintage Limited. Liability disclaimer
The firms total liability for any claim howsoever arising shall not exceed the price of the goods
supplied by the firm to the customer. The firm shall not be liable for any consequential loss whether
this arises from a breach of duty in contract or in any other way, save where such liability is imposed
upon the firm by statute. The firm cannot accept any liability for a failure to comply with instructions
specifically stated on the Website or in any printed documents. The firm does not limit in any way our
liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or willful misconduct. Your statutory
rights are not affected by this statement. The firm endeavour to check the accuracy of the information on this site. However, The firm does not
warrant that such information will be error free and the user acknowledges that information, products and services published on this web site may include inaccuracies and typological errors.


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