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volcano made from fibre optic lights


CORE Welcome to CORE. An installation inspired by the natural environment and the geothermal, lava spewing landscape of Iceland. I was successful in applying for a position at NES artist residency in Skagastrond, Iceland where myself and several other artists from all over the world stayed for a number of weeks where we each created …

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bbc diy sos nick knowles gabrielle blackman


A friend of mine was taking part in a local DIY SOS Big Build project in Wallsend. Crosby Specialist Cleaning who does industrial cleaning and was helping out with cleaning the whole site during and on completion of the project. When he heard there was a sensory room being built. He immediately thought of me …

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fibre optic lighting display mycelium network

Mycelium Network

Mycelium network is an example of the hidden underground connections between mushrooms, plants and trees. Beneath the ground across the planet there are millions of fine roots called hyphae which play an important part in nature. Mycelium plays an important roll in protecting the environment and providing for humanity. Apart from providing us with food …

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starry ceiling

Retro Games Room

Check our this games room which was a joint project between ourselves, Jooced Home Cinema and Mr Murals. The team from Jooced Home Cineam got in touch with thier vision and were interested in our starlight panels, particulary one of our milky way effects and shooting star options to compliment to retro animated games theme …

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aventador starlights

Lamborghini Aventador

  This is another example of a super car we have completed where we have had to totally strip out the trimmed interior roof of the car and replace it with a custom made Alcantara headliner covered in around 500 mixed diameter stars.   Our client came to us with this absolute icon, the Lamborghini …

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Ferrari F12

Cannonball Ferrari F12   We were thrilled to be asked to be part of this project for the Cannonball run, which required us to install our starlight headliner sytem in to this amazing Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. We worked together with DC.Customs who were taking on the massive job of fitting a bespoke wide carbon fibre body-kit. Everything …

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resin flooring

Fibre Floor

At Custom Fibre Optics we are always looking for new ways to inspire people with lighting, particularly fibre optic lighting. There’s nothing we love more than producing luxurious, unique, awe-inspiring lighting products and installations which have never been seen before. Introducing a brand new concept, Fibre-Floors. A collaboration between ourselves at Custom Fibre Optics and …

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swimming pool ceiling starlight

Milky-way swimming pool This is a fine example of what can be achieved between a client with some inspiration and desire for luxury bespoke products and ourselves at Custom Fibre Optics. We were sent in an image by our client who was having a garden building built in the back garden to their home in Ossett. The …

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fibre optic chandelier

Mirror and crystals

If you want to make a bold statement of luxury and quality, a jaw-dropping fibre optic chandelier may be the answer. We often get approached by owners of hotels, restaurants and high-end showrooms looking to achieve an eye-catching feature to complete their decor.    We completed this chandelier for Cavendish kitchens and bedrooms of Newcastle …

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rolls royce starlights

Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom Starlight Conversion I was approached by the owner of which is a luxury vehicle hire company. One of the vehicles included in his fleet of luxurious vehicles is his Rolls Royce Phantom.  A stunning example inside and out however it was missing something.  My client told me he had been following …

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Shooting stars

Here at Custom Fibre Optics we are always looking for creative ways to inspire people with fibre optic lighting effects and recently we’ve been experimenting with some animation which include meteors and lightning. We are now able to execute shooting stars and are happy to include them in our starlight panels and also starlight headliners …

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