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ONYX Concept – Rolls Royce Cullinan



We were approached by  ONYX Concepts who are interested in working with me and were keen to have me work on one of their flagship vehicles to show case the latest optional extra their clients can add to the vehicles specification.



rolls royce cullinan



I know what you’re thinking… A Rolls Royce without a starlight roof? Why didn’t they spec that when commissioning the vehicle?

Rolls Royce don’t offer the fibre optic  starlight headliner system from the factory when you choose a panoramic roof but you can come to us once you have your vehicle to have the conversion carried out to a very high, factory- finish standard.


rolls royce cullinan starlight

We can confidently remove factory headliners and install our starlight system and we can also arrange re-trimming including custom stitching and cnc’d perforation designs. Whats more, is that we can offer a lot more than an off the shelf kit, there are no limitations with us at Custom Fibre Optics. You can choose as many stars as you like and even choose different designs and special effects.  

rolls royce cullinan

We are in the process of developing our own light source, RF remote , manual switches and mobile applications to add to our cutting edge control and effects options.

We welcome the most craziest ideas and concepts here, we have some amazing never-seen-before special effects yet to show the world and together with some of the UKs market leading auto specialists your vehicle is in very safe and experienced hands.

rolls royce cullinan

If you are interested in having this sought after, luxury ambient lighting feature installed in your vehicle, simply get in touch via the form below and we will be in touch to discuss all of the different options available.

rolls royce cullinan
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