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led clouds and fibre optic lighting

LED Clouds And Fibre Optic Sun Rays


This is a display I’ve created in a residential care home. Its a bungalow converted into a few seperate rooms where clients live with permanent care. 

I was contacted by a member of staff who had been made aware of my services from another member of staff from the same company but from a different home across the borough where I’d previously done work.

We arranged a visit to the site and I took measurements and we had a chat about ideas and designs. Lucky for me, the staff were happy to let me create something new that I hadnt created before. I love it when I get this oppertunity as I get the chance to bring a new idea to life.

I wont pretend I thought of the led cloud ideas, I seen them on TikTok. I would never just copy something though, its just not me. I like to take inspiration and then add my own creativity. I thought of the idea of having some glowing fibres coming through the breaks in the led clouds and draped across the ceiling.

fibre optic lighting installation with led clouds

The led clouds and the fibre optics have full control over colour too. I have a brilliant engineer from LED Lighting Products who programmes special effects into the led strips so I can have them do exactly what I want to do. You can set an aurora effect on the clouds and have the fibres green, you can have the clouds slowly changing through a sunset scene while the fibres are yellow and orange or you can leave everything on a never ending mesmersising rainbow colour transition.

led clouds

At the same bungalow but in a different residents room I created another display. With less budget to hand we went with a fibre optic display on its own, but how beautiful does it look!

The way this thing shimmers and changes colour is just magical and enough to calm anyones mind.

As you can imagine there are many different ways I could decorate rooms with fibre optics. Something I love doing is on site installations that blend in with the surrounding scenery and decorations.

I would love to do some work in nightclubs!

fibre optic lighting installation
fibre optic lighting installation
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