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Shooting stars

Here at Custom Fibre Optics we are always looking for creative ways to inspire people with fibre optic lighting effects and recently we’ve been experimenting with some animation which include meteors and lightning.

We are now able to execute shooting stars and are happy to include them in our starlight panels and also starlight headliners for vehicles.

We have developed our own system for controlling effects, since the light sources capable of shooting star effects come with pre set effects at set intervals. The problem with this is that it’s too repetitive. You don’t want to see the same shooting star over and over again every 10 seconds (which most products are set to).

To get around this we add a small computer with scenes we can program ourselves inslvidomg the speed, direction, colour and intervals, meaning we can set each shooting star to be as random as possible and not too often. Its far better to catch one by surprise time to time rather than it flashing above your head every few seconds.

Its not just shooting stars either, we created this wooshing effect with lots more stars and a swirly design.

We also experimented on this spare headliner and created a lighting effect. This would be a great feature on our starlight panels in sensory rooms for example.


Animated Fibre Optics can achieve some amazing effects. It’s so discreet and can be installed without even knowing they are there until they are lit.

We can make all kinds of sequential effects, fireworks, logos, patterns and have lots of ideas to create in the near future.

If you have any kind of vision for using animated fibre optics please feel free to get in touch, we would love to explore the idea and help you create something with special fibre optic effects.

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