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At Custom Fibre Optics we are always looking for new ways to inspire people with lighting, particularly fibre optic lighting. There’s nothing we love more than producing luxurious, unique, awe-inspiring lighting products and installations which have never been seen before.

resin flooring

Introducing a brand new concept, Fibre-Floors. A collaboration between ourselves at Custom Fibre Optics and one of our partners who are epoxy resin flooring specialists.

We designed a concept to create a fibre optic glowing floor and cover it with an epoxy resin flooring,  with the idea that the lights in the floor would never need replacing therefore could permanently be sealed in place under the floor and resin.

fibre optic floor

For this home cinema we have created a totally unique glowing floor.  Custom Fibre Optics supplied the fibre kit and light source used to power the fibre optics hidden below the resin surface, we also carefully designed and installed the fibres across the floor which were then permanently sealed up with epoxy resin with a beautiful design and high gloss finish.

We used an RGB LED light source which is conveniently hidden behind the seating area, out of site but easy to get to for any future maintenance.

fibre optic floor

With a floor like this you have the option of having clear resin to cover the fibres so the patterns and fibres can clearly be seen, which results in the fibres being at their brightest and clearly shows the design. You can also cover the fibres with a resin design and pattern to completely hide the fibres so that in the day with lights on and the fibres off, you can enjoy your resin design and by night with the flooring illuminated, you can enjoy a totally different design with a vibrant colour changing and mesmerising transition of glowing colors which dance around as they fade in and out. 

fibre optic glowing floor

This is a maintenance free product where you would never need to worry about replacing the lights under the floor. The light source which powers the fibres would be kept somewhere accessible for future maintenance.

With our combined knowledge of fibre optic lighting and resin flooring design we can confidently create this floor and endless amount of other designs with this concept such as resin wall art, resin workstops, resin tables and all kinds of modern interior furniture, all which can include a  glowing fibre optic lighting design. 

glowing floor

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