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starlight grid tiles

Starlight Grid Tiles

Here we developed a solution for S.O.Beautiful beauty salon in Gosforth which had grid ceilings installed throughout the building which they were refurbishing at the time. We were advised the grid ceilings where staying in so we made starlight tiles to replace the existing mineral fibre tiles.

suspended ceiling tiles

Custom fibre optics now specialise in the manufacture and installation of suspended starry ceiling tiles. This is a great way to get rid of an old boring and dated ceiling. Why not transform your ceiling into an elegant, shimmering night sky with hundreds, even thousands of twinkling stars which are maintenance free and very efficient.

suspended ceiling tiles

All that is required to complete the installation is an electricity supply nearby where the fibre optic light source can either be hard wired or ‘plugged in’. Once the light source has power, that’s it with the electrical work and the rest is simply plug and play. We supply everything you need to take your ceiling out of the dark ages and into the light with a stunning high end lighting feature. Our tiles are great for offices, home cinema rooms, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools and sensory rooms to name a few.

Whether its your home or your company, give your friends and customers a great impression with a very smart ceiling everyone will be talking about.  Our light engines shine light only through the fibres to the star points which are pre woven through the tiles. This means that no heat or electricity is at the point of illumination so none of these stars will ever need to be replaced or maintained.

The only component that will ever need changing is the light engine itself. This is simply unplugged and swapped over by undoing a small grub screw to transfer the fibre optic harness over.

starry ceiling


Some benefits of our starry ceiling panels :

10 year guarantee on tiles

2 year warranty on light source

Maintenance free

Visually stunning


Class 1 fire rated materials available 

Different materials and finishes available

Easy, fast installation

No heat or electricity at the point of illumination, perfect for humid areas.

Low running costs

Colour changing and twinkling effects

Custom designs

Animated designs such as fireworks and shooting stars


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