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Fibre optic Sensory kit


Captivating and therapeutic fibre optic sensory harness with colour changing and twinkling effects.

Our light engines have an effects wheel rather than a colour changing LED, this shows a beautiful transition between two different colours at the same time rather than all of the fibres changing together. The light source can be paused at any time on any colour.

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Our stunning fibre optic kits come with the highest quality optical fibre with professionally heat sealed ends and a polished connectors, this adds to the safety of our product and also ensures maximum brightness for you to enjoy.  Included in the kit is a highly efficient and bright led light source with mesmerising twinkle/shimmer and colour changing effects and also an RF remote control which works through walls and ceilings.

– 5W LED colour changing light source with twinkle/shimmer effects wheel inside.

– Kit is able to show a mixture of colours at the same time.

– High quality heat sealed fibre optic strands

– 12v UK power supply unit

– RF remote control

– 12 month warranty

– CE marked and RoHS approved


100x2M, 120x3M, 240x3M

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