Custom Fibre Optics

starlight headliner

Range Rover Vogue



For this Range Rover Vogue we got the chance to do something a little different.  Our client went ahead with our shooting star package where 3 shooting stars shoot randomly in different directions and at different speeds across the headliner.


We use a micro computer to program each shooting star, this means we can be in complete control of their brightness, speed, direction and also how often they pass.



starlight headliner

Its always best to have long intervals between each meteor. Rather than have the same meteor whizzing by every30- 60 seconds from ‘out-of-the-box kits’  its much better and a lot more realistic to catch one by surprise out of the corner of your eye now and again.

We programmed these three meteors in the same way, although in the video it is edited to show them all together.

As well as having some animation our client also opted for a more interesting design than our classic starlight display. We agreed on a subtle ‘milky-way’ style band of stars curved over the larger area at the back.

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