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fibre optic chandelier

S.O Beautiful Salon – Gosforth

We were approached to design, supply and fit a range of unique lighting features as focal points in a new hair and beauty salon off Gosforth high street, Newcastle. There are a number of salons already on the same street so its no wonder the client wanted to add some eye-catching decoration to catch peoples attention and set their business off from the rest.

We fitted a wide range of features within the building which consists of a large room for beauty treatments, a separate large room for hairdressing and several other private treatment rooms and corridors.


fibre optic chandelier
fibre optic chandelier
fibre optic chandelier

If you go past the salon on Salters road, you’d notice straight away it has one of our chandeliers as a centrepiece at the front of the shop. This was made with a mirror base and hanging crystals. We are told it gets so many nice comments and has everyone intrigued.

fibre optic chandelier

In two of the treatment rooms, we installed our pre-made fibre optic suspended ceiling tiles to the already fitted grid system. They are a brilliant product to easily transform a commercial looking ceiling into a twinkling, modern and relaxing night sky. See more info on our starlight grid tiles here

starry ceiling

We also installed a sphere chandelier in the side entrance corridor which invites you into the main hairdressing area. This has a slow colour change effect and various size balls at different lengths, a popular style of chandelier we get enquiries about. 

fibre optic chandelier

Last but not least is the bespoke starry ceiling panel which has the composition of a spiral galaxy.. This twinkling masterpiece was designed and fabricated by hand and installed in one of the larger treatment rooms. It has around 700 stars of four different diameters and is one of the most challenging designs we have created.  

The salon is looking amazing, its always busy and we are told everyone comments on the lighting. 

We have so many different bespoke decorative lighting deisgns which are totally exlcusive and can compliment many premisses and impress your guests and make your home, business or event stand out from the crowd with amazing focal points that everyone will love and remember 


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